Oh no, website problems!

Don't get caught with your store down.

It's not about if, it's about when.

It happens. Websites go down. What shouldn't happen is that you continue to drive paid (or unpaid) traffic to your store, which results in lost revenue and an awful first impression. It's money spent with no chance of recovery. Good news? Adison can help.

Adison is your online marketing partner who runs in the background helping monitor for activity and staying one step ahead of you, your business and marketing budget. When your store is offline, she'll automatically pause your active marketing platforms—while keeping you updated on the status of your store. She even makes it easy for you to keep your customers in the know.

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Adison's current integrations

Well connected.

Adison plays nicely with the marketing platforms and tools you use most often—centralizing your data and reducing tool friction.

  • Shopify Integrated
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Email
  • Slack
  • And more coming soon

Adison's time-savings quickview cards

Looking out for you.

Adison is always looking out for you by monitoring for the activity that matters most to you. In some cases, even taking action on these activities to improve your workflow.

  • Store Interruptions + PPC Ad Pausing
  • And more coming soon

Adison's smart notifications

Keeping you updated.

Adison can notify you of events as they happen. Advising you of this information as it happens ensures you respond to your customers needs faster—no matter where you're located.

  • Email
  • Slack
  • SMS
  • And more coming soon
Saving your pennies

Adison saves you money auto–magically.

You could have saved $11.57 in just 30-days with Adison.

Here's the total amount of Shopify service interruptions over the last 30-days and how much money you could have saved during those interruptions by not sending your paid ad traffic to your website when it was offline.

*This is based on Adison automatically pausing your ads in the background with an average CPC of $1 and a monthly average spend of $2500.




Request Beta Access—Today

Have questions about the Beta? Get in touch.

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We aim to please.

Here's what our happy customers have said about Adison.

“Adison is not only saving me money, but it also is giving me peace of mind.” — D.G.Moorland&Co.
5 star review
“I’m confident that I can scale my marketing and advertising without concern of losing money. It’s like an insurance policy.” — Hot Sauce Market
5 star review
Ring Ring! Savings calling!

Frequently asked questions.

Don't see an answer? Contact us.

Here’s a list of our most frequently asked questions. These should answer most of your questions, but don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need help or want any additional clarification. We’re happy to give you a demo.

What is Adison?

Adison is a Shopify plugin that integrates with your store as well as your marketing platforms. It runs in the background monitoring for activity that’s important to you. In some cases Adison can even take action on that activity. For example: Adison can detect if your store is offline. If so, she’ll automatically pause your connected marketing platforms (like Facebook or Google Ads) ensuring your PPC ads don’t drive traffic to your offline store.

Does Adison only work with Shopify stores?

At the current moment, yes. However, we have plans to expand Adison’s capabilities across a variety of other e-commerce platforms in the future. If you would like to make that a reality (much sooner), please contact us and cast your vote for which e-commerce platform we should support next.

Which online marketing or advertising platforms do you support?

Currently, we integrate with Facebook Ads and Google Ads. These are the major players, however. We have Instagram, AdRoll, Pinterest, Mailchimp and more on deck. Contact us if you have an immediate need for us to support one of these additional platforms. It will help us prioritize our integration roadmap.

How much will I have to invest to use Adison?

Adison costs only $9.95 per month following your 30-day trial. The Adison app is fully integrated into Shopify so you’ll manage your subscription right within Shopify. With our 30-day no-risk trial you can cancel anytime, and if you decide to cancel after your subscription begins, you’ll only be charged a pro-rate of your remaining time left on your plan.

Do you have a free plan?

Sort of. Right now we don’t have a free plan for our plugin. However, you can subscribe to our newsletter below if you want to get notified of Shopify interruptions. However, if you’d like Adison to take action on these interruptions, you’ll have to install the plugin on your store, be in a trial or have an active paid plan.

How can I download Adison?

We’re currently under Beta. To be considered for the Beta you can submit your application here. We’ll review your submission and send you a download link if we think you’re a fit. Either way, we’ll reach out to you. We want to learn more about the stores who are interested in this plugin. Once out of Beta, we’ll be submitting Adison to the Shopify App Store. If you’d rather wait to download Adison form the store, please join our newsletter and we’ll notify you of our official launch.

What ROI can I expect from Adison or when can I expect to break even?

Ultimately we’re unable to predict how many interruptions in a given month Shopify will have, so it’s hard to calculate an exact ROI or break-even point. However, we’re happy to run a few calculations based on averages if you’d like us to. Just reach out to us. What we do know is that those stores who are spending more marketing dollars (Ex: $5,000+ a month) are going to see a greater ROI faster. They simply are driving more paid traffic to their stores and have a greater risk to their brand if a customer can’t access their store.

Request Beta Access—Today

Have questions about the Beta? Get in touch.

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